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The 2018 partypoker Mosconi Cup/Mosconi Cup XXV

Dates‎: ‎4–7 December

Venue‎: ‎Alexandra Palace

Location‎: ‎London, England

JAYSON SHAW risked sparking a Mosconi Cup row after celebrating a win over Shane van Boening despite still having THREE balls left to pot. MOSCONI CUP star Shane van Boening has revealed how he had a gun pointed at his head by schoolboy bullies. Van Boening, who is deaf, was targeted by class thugs in Dakota where he grew up.

It led to the American being isolated as a kid, failing to achieve his best grades and having to have his uncle step in.

“When I was younger, I had a lot of bullies,” Van Boening revealed.

“I had to go to my mum, I had a kid put a gun to my head, I had a kit spitting on me.

Scotsman Shaw, who was crushed 5-0 by Van Boening on day one, found his form to get Europe level after beating the Dakota Kid 5-2.

But his antics at the end left Van Boening, Team USA’s No.1 player, smirking.

Shaw cheered and threw his arms in the air long before he had cleared up in the seventh frame.

He could have been left with egg on his face had it gone belly-up and it’s unlikely to have gone down well with stone-faced Van Boening.

“Bullying was the biggest problem when I was at a yooung age.

“My mum had a call my uncle to come to town and talk to the parents to get them to stop doing this.

“This is why I couldn’t get good grades in middle school and elementary school, but when I got to high school it got a little bit better but I didn’t have many friends.

“I got straight As and I just figured out on my own that I didn’t want to be friends with anybody.”

But Shaw didn’t seem to care and he pulled no punches after the match.

“Everyone thinks I can’t beat him and he’s going to beat me every time but it doesn’t work like that in a race to five,” he said.

Asked to clarify his comments by Sky Sports host Andy Goldstein, Shaw replied: “I’ve not been on social media but my wife text me and told me that everyone thinks that he owns me and I can’t beat him and this and that.

“But listen, I’ve beaten him just as many times as he’s beaten me. In a race to five, anything can happen.

Van Boening instead concentrated on his pool career, winning the first tournament he entered in Las Vegas in Nevada.

He is is now ranked one in America and is leading their charge at the Mosconi Cup at the Alexandra Palace.

“Right after high school I never went to graduation. I said to myself that I didn’t want to graduate with any of these other students so I decided that I want to play a professional tournament,” he added.

“It was my first tournament in Las Vegas and I won. It was a great move for me that I decided to go and play pool.

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